Meet ...

Michael Cheselka

Justice Advocate

Michael would remind those skeptical of the dignity of reentry to remember a simple truth. “While every good Christian awaits the second coming of Jesus, many good Christians forget that He is returning as an ex-felon.” Michael was inspired to become a criminal defense trial-lawyer, in part, after contemplating an additional dilemma: “First chapter of the Bible…Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel…the first family living in Paradise…no guns, no drugs, no social media, no Democrats…and somebody kills somebody…maybe that’s how we’re made.” Michael comes to ZeroBack knowing that solidifying reentry and significantly impacting the problem of recidivism are jobs that must be done and must be done right. Michael invites you to join us in this noble crusade, unless you are one of those people that believe that we were created just to eat and shop.